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Dr. Shalane Lawrence

Dr. Shalane Lawrence

Council Member Andy King gives the introductory address at Beulah Church of God's 2014 Evangelism Spring Launch. The theme for the weekend was "Reaching Our Community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ." Council Member King discussed his vision and mission for the 12th District and how the members of the congregation can become involved to benefit the community.

Dear Friends,

Reflective practice is a way of studying your own experiences to improve the way you work and perform. As I reflected on 2018, i had think about think about what can be done in 2019 to make evangelism an integral part of the fabric of Beulah, more impactful, and result in numerical growth. For this the evangelism ministry solicits your prayers, time, and input. I assure you though, that 2019 promises to be a year of increase, growth, and productivity if you are on board. This is so because people’s participation coupled with the initiatives I am looking to implement have been proven to result in church growth. So, what will be done differently in 2019? (1) We will Learn how to REACH people-The evangelism ministry is asking you to join us in an Each-One-Reach-One Campaign, (2) We will Learn how to WIN people the ministry will implement a robust visitor follow-up program and (3) We will Learn how to EQUIP people-the ministry will hosting a series of evangelism teaching.


To accomplish this task the evangelism ministry needs your help. You can help the ministry by making a commitment to actively participate in evangelism initiatives by utilizing your time, treasure and talent. Attend all evangelism events and commit to share your faith and invite those whom you encounter to put their trust in Jesus.


Mission Statement

Create an Each-One-Reach-One culture of evangelism within Beulah Church of God 7th Day.

Vision Statement

The vision of the Beulah Evangelism Ministry is to reach people at all cost with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Let us unite to build the kingdom of God by our works and witness. Let’s see where God is working, join him, and watch people EXPERIENCE THE CHANGE!!!!!!