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Marriage Ministry

Marriage Ministry

Pastor & Lady Straker, DM Facilitators

Pastor & Lady Straker, DM Facilitators

Delano & Sherina Miller, DM Facilitators

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The mission of the Beulah Marriage Enrichment Ministry is to develop a comprehensive marriage ministry that will transform marriages from ordinary to exciting and from great to exceptional.

This will be accomplished through:

  • Recreational Activities
  •  Intimate and therapeutic sessions
  •  Informational and enrichment based programs for married and engaged couples.This will also be done through a spiritual and experiential-based process that places God at the center of marriages.


The vision of the Beulah Marriage Enrichment Ministry is to grow and develop couple mentorship, strengthen marriages and expand the ministry to incorporate the community.


Dynamic Marriage is a small group workshop that helps create a safe environment where couples learn the stages of love; apply that knowledge to interaction, communication and accountability while developing them spiritually and within their relationship.                                                          1-800-650 9995                                                       

The institution of marriage is heavily under attack in today’s society.  Relationships that lack commitment, dedication, and honesty regularly bombard the media. While same sex marriage and civil unions are being condoned by our political, judicial, and even religious leaders, our society especially our youth have become desensitized to the sanctity and value of wholesome, healthy relationships.  Currently, about half of all marriages end in divorce and unfortunately this trend has crept into the church.  God is not pleased!

In an effort to build and restore strong, healthy marriages and families, we have partnered with the Family Dynamics Institute to offer the Dynamic Marriage Program.  This eight week course helps couples avoid and overcome unsatisfying relationships and marriage crisis by giving them the skills to successfully love, care, and develop healthier, happier, and more spiritually fulfilled marriages.

In Dynamic Marriage You Learn How to…