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The vision of the Beulah Singles Ministry is to help and encourage singles with Jesus Christ as

our head by providing a safe space to fellowship, grow spiritually, socially and become

wholesome individuals.


The mission of the ministry is to serve as a support group for single in their spiritual, social, and

personal lives. This ministry seeks to focus on unique life situations of singles, foster

relationships between singles, outreach to our community and empower singles to break

addictive behaviors and patterns that compromise their relationship with Christ through Bible-

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based teaching, discussion, and organized socials.


  •  To establish and promote information resource/sharing network of like- minded singles.
  • To provide a social link for singles to gather in fellowship.
  •  To enjoy activities that help singles to better understand being a single Christian, and to
  • join with others in social settings that meets their needs.
  • To help single become integrated into the church ministry, family and other opportunities to serve GOD.
  • To provide a forum to address the struggles that single Christians experience inside and outside the church.outside the church.
  •  To encourage all single to discover God’s purpose for their life as whole individuals through their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


  • Age 18 and Above
  •  Never married
  •  Divorced
  •  Widowed

Proposed Activities:

  •  Singles Day and Sabbath
  •  Spa Night/ Social
  •  Singles Retreat
  •  Long Night
  • Singles Prayer Breakfast
  • Singles Wellness Seminar
  • End of the year Mix N’ Mingle

Tentative Dates for Activities

  • Singles Day/ Sabbath (September 16, 2017)
  • Long Night (February 2017)
  • End of Year Mix N’ Mingle (December 2017)
  •  Singles Wellness Seminar (May 2017)

*These are tentative dates and are subjected to change depending on the other ministries

year of calendar activities*

Administrative Board

President – Rashema Brown

Vice President – Kimesha McDonald (Filling spot permanently)

Treasurer- Vacant (This was Sis Kimesha McDonald initial position)

Secretary – Vacant